Jim Griffith and Bill Easum have given us a gift in “Ten Most Common Mistakes Made By New Church Starts.” They list…


  1. Neglecting the Great Commandment in Pursuit of the Great Commission as the “number 1 mistake,” and…
  2. Premature launch as the “number 4 mistake.” Premature launch is listed as “number 1” in several other resources.

What is not addressed as a specific mistake is “workaholism rooted in faulty thinking and poor emotional health.” Many church plants “fail” through “success.” The planter (and often team members) work incredibly long hours while he/she neglects spouse, children, health, and yes, even God. The result is an unhealthy church led by an unhealthy leader with an unhealthy family. Often, the “house of cards” comes tumbling down possibly when the spouse takes the children and “goes home to mother” or the planter quits in total exhaustion, or (sadly) moral or ethical failure.

“Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS)” resources beginning with “The Emotionally Healthy Leader” by Peter Scazerro could be part of your preparation plan and “EHS” a part of your church plant’s discipleship process.

The premise is basic; “It’s impossible to be spiritually mature, while remaining emotionally immature.” P Scazerro

Be blessed!

The Rev. Dr. Kim L. Richardson
Church Planter, Assessor, Coach, and Trainer
EHS Consultant